Maestro FSH-1A

A filter sample and hold pedal.

Download Build Diagram
Download Etch Template
Download Schematic
Interior Photo
Exterior Photo


4 Responses to “Maestro FSH-1A”

  1. heitor Says:

    Hi friend! Your website is great! neat projects! i’m looking for this FSH1 but i cant find the perfect measures for the trims, can you help me out ?

  2. Matt Says:

    Again, thank you and thank you. Can you give me a further description of what this does? Any part sourcing advice? Thanks.

  3. Brad Says:

    Hey Guys just taken an initiative to thank this site….as it helped me a lot really I enjoyed…………Keep rocking….!!!!


  4. John Says:

    for a great example of this effect listen to frank zappa on the songs: Black Napkins from the album Zoot Allures and Ship Ahoy from Shut Up n Play Yer Guitar

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