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uStomp » Blog Archive » Unicord Super-Fuzz

Unicord Super-Fuzz

This is another octave fuzz pedal. it get’s very thick and big.

Download Build Diagram
Download Etch Template
Download Schematic

15 Responses to “Unicord Super-Fuzz”

  1. Allan Hughes Says:

    This looks good! what transistors would you recommend to use?

  2. tom Says:

    what are those transistors? great blog. shame theres nothing new since 2007

  3. roseblood11 Says:


    what transistors should I use for this? The schematic says 2SC828 and 2SC539, but I canĀ“t find them.
    The newer version on the univox homepage says 2N2222 and 2N3391. But where should I place them?
    I guess that the 2N2222 replaces the 2SC828 and the 2N3391 replaces the 2SC539. Is that correct?

  4. kostea Says:

    mmm u can use germanium after that silicon an compare

  5. Allan Hughes Says:

    I finally got transistors for this. You can still find 2SC828s, Small Bear (US) and Banzai (EU) both stock them.
    They have a different pin-out than ‘regular’ transistors so make sure you insert them in the correct way, find a datasheet to confirm.

  6. Mitchell Says:

    What is the bias pot? The versions of the Super-Fuzz that I have seen only have 2 pots?

  7. Allan Hughes Says:

    The bias pot is a trimmer on the inside of the old superfuzz pedals, check the uzzfay site for pics. it was there to help ‘tune in’ the octave effect.

  8. koko Says:

    hi.. i’m not sure if u’ll see this but anyway, i’d like to knoe which transistors did u use on this pedal. cheers.

  9. bhill Says:

    I used 2n5089’s in my build last year. Just killer.

  10. Daniel Says:

    Does anybody ever answer any questions on this website? Or is it all post and run?

  11. Peter Says:

    Is this pedal verified.I built it and I cant get any sound from it ,the led works bypass works but no sound at all .Usually when a pedal works you get a little hum or hiss but I don”t any thing at all . Also some schematics have the 10mf cap and 22k resistor in reverse order for the input.The 10mf goes last .

  12. Jeast Says:

    Hi Peter,

    Were you able to find the fault? I am having the same issue, no sound…though it might have been a dodgy transistor but they’ve all tested ok. I’m wondering if the schematic was designed for the original 2SC828 and 2SC539 transistors which have non-standard pin outs – ECB rather than EBC? Or possibly one of the polarised caps could be wrong way? Unfortunately, I’m not really skilled enough to read schematics to be able to tell…

    Hope you see this!

  13. Aca Says:

    Works like a charm! Used 2n3904. Great layout

  14. Wes Says:

    Are the round capacitors electrolytic capacitors?

  15. Gabriel Says:

    Hi! I made the PCB, thank you for publishing it. Now, it sounds too bad. Is the 2nd 10uF cap next to the clipping diodes in right position?

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