MXR Dyna-Comp

The classic compressor

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5 Responses to “MXR Dyna-Comp”

  1. anthony Says:

    hello ,

    just to be sure the “tie” at the input is an 1M resistor ?

  2. Chris Simeone Says:

    Hi, Thanks for the excellent schematic. I can’t wait to build one. I have a quick question I hope you can answer.

    Where are you getting the CA3080 IC? According to MXR, production on that IC was stopped in the ’80s and they found a leftover batch they are using to build the MXR Custom Shop ’76 Vintage Dyna Comp.

    But when I do a Google search it seems there are variations available such as CA3080AM, CA3080AS, CA3080E etc. Which one do you use?

    Chris Simeone

  3. Rafael Says:

    Hey there

    Is this switch a 3PDT? Because the original pedal has a DPDT, but that’s even better.
    And yes, you can use a CA3080E to replace the original 3080, same results you’ll get.

  4. cristian Says:

    i need a help, what it mean a TIE (is the part that takes the form of resistance)

  5. Rob Says:

    Nice work. Very well thought out.

    Do you have an Eagle or Gerber file for the boards? I would like to study this circuit further. Thanks.


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