This is my layout of the classic Tube Screamer. This is a great overdrive.

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TS-808 Tube Screamer

4 Responses to “TS-808”

  1. Mike B. Says:

    What is the Q1 and Q2 on the circuit board?

  2. Jim Zartman Says:

    I’ve built two of these now and this is a fantastic pedal. Just for kicks I took it to Guitar Center to A/B it against other overdrives there. It was quieter, richer, and warmer than every store bought pedal we could find. fantastic pedal!

  3. nobby Says:

    hi any chance of anyone building a distortion along the lines of an mxr dd11 dimebag style pedal…for massive gain and crunch…

    it would be a brilliant project…

  4. Svyatoslav K. Says:

    Hello everyone!

    First of all – thanks a lot to the author of this layout! Nice and compact enough.. I’ve used C1815GR8J for Q1 and Q2, ceramic 51pf, tantalums .22uf, 20K “W” taper pot, 1N914 diodes. All values as in the original 808.

    Works fine!

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