Ampeg Scrambler

This is an out of hand octave fuzz w/ some ring modulation. This is my favorite fuzz pedal.

I use 2N5306’s for Q1,Q3 & Q4. I use a 2N3904 for Q2.

Download Build Diagram
Download Etch Template
Download Schematic
Interior Photo
Exterior Photo


Transistor Voltages:

       E      B      C
Q1   3.38   4.32   9.08
Q2   .267   .935   3.35
Q3   3.42   4.48   9.07
Q4   3.41   4.48   8.70

3 Responses to “Ampeg Scrambler”

  1. Nathan Hensel Says:

    Whats the small yellow rectangle labeled .01uF? Some sort of a capacitor? Also, what is RLED? A resistor to adjust LED brightness?

  2. Nathan Hensel Says:

    One more thing. Transistors- you said you used 2N5036’s and a 2N3904, can i just use any 2N transistors?

  3. Mitchell Says:

    yes the yellow rectangle is a capacitor. for RLED i would use a 270 to 330 ohm resistor, this just allows the LED to run off the 9 volts

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